Spotlight: Music Photography – Issue 01

This spotlight features a range of extraordinarily talented women and gender non-conforming individuals within the music photography scene.

Max Herridge, London UK
Website | Instagram

Half Alive 21.02.2019 (8 of 16).jpg

Half Alive, London 2019

Kristina McComas, Maryland USA
Website | Instagram


Sharptooth, Warped Tour 2018

Sophie Harris, Greenville SC
Website | Instagram



Courtney Breen, North Carolina USA
Flickr | Instagram


Lizzie Steimer, Los Angeles CA
Website | Instagram



Rebekah Witt, Detroit MI
Website | Instagram


Emily Young, Southampton UK
Website | Instagram


As It Is

Emerson Swoger, Cincinnati OH
Website | Instagram


COIN, Columbus

Taylor Dillon, New York US
Website | Instagram


Savannah Rowley, Orlando FL
Website | Instagram


In This Moment

Sara Easter, Chicago IL

“I wanted to include a photo that is of some flashy, big band because that would make me seem cool, but honestly some of my favorite photos I’ve taken are from local shows or my church. This photo was taken on Saturday night at nightshop in Bloomington, IL. It’s of Past Life. This band is small, but they’re going to go far! They’re so talented and they’re some of the sweetest people I know. So it’s also the story behind the photo as to why it’s one of my favorites!”


Past Life

Taylor Regulski, Orlando FL
Website | Instagram
“With my own work I also contribute to a few music publications, music travel companies, and e-zines as well (Festival Squad, Melodic Magazine, FestPop, On Stage Review, and BabeTalk). In terms of music photography, my next event will be Miami Music Week covering many Diskolab Events”


Taylor Swift

Veronica Varos, Pittsburgh PA
Twitter | Instagram


Demob Happy

Kaitlyn Johnston, Chicago IL
Website | Instagram


Pam Muhart, Los Angeles CA
Website | Instagram

Pamela Muhart Copyright


Jay is a creative director and photographer based in London. They specialise in content direction and creation within the music industry, but also works in the fashion and publishing industries in content creation and event management.

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